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Monday, June 17, 2013

Furniture in shapes

Your joinery shop may have the skills to make this, if not contact me for the names of persons who can.

Made by laminating Superform bendable plywood and facing with our flexible veneer sheeting.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bent wood furniture

How do you make such items?

Simple when you use our imported Superform bending plys and veneers!

Stone Form floor tiles

We will be able to bring this new product in with our next shipment of Superform bending plywood.

This picture just will not down load the right way up! click on it for a larger size picture.

Samples are A4 sized.

Cut to size, in the case of the finished floor in the picture above, 600 x 600 and on a thin plywood backer, you can lay it yourself our have a pro do it for you.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stone Form on walls

All sorts of applications can be created, this one is an entrance lobby with a special
stone effect, check the colours!

Flexible stone sheeting for your decorative displays and finishes.
This is real stone, on a glass fibre backer, the total thickness is 2mm and sheet size 600mm x 1200mm, there are many shades and types of stone to choose from.

Introducing Stone Form

This can be used on counters and barfronts, stairs (light traffic) and walls.
An interior designer should think up all sorts of new ideas to use this genuine stone finish.

There are many types of stone surfaces and colours, contact me for more info.


Check out the link above for more information.

Stone Form (tm)

This is the registered name of a new product named Stone Form.

The first samples have just arrived in the country via TNT this morning.

I now have samples of this new product, its genuine stone on a GRP backer.

Flexible and in a sheet size 600 x 1200mm x 2mm thick.

This will soon be available and from Cape Town to start with.

27 21 7903859 phone and fax line.

Found in Howick, KZN

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